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Dr. Carol Bouzoukis, PhD, RDT, MFA | Wilmington, Delaware Child Therapist / Pyschotherapist

Psychology Today Certification

Dr. Carol Bouzoukis has been approved by Psychology Today as an approved psychotherapist. Follow the link to her page on Psychology Today : The Therapy Directory . The seal will appear on the Play Therapy Delaware website.

A quote from Dr. Bouzoukis on Psychology Today is shown below:

As a Child Psychotherapist, I specialize in the treatment of children ages 3 -12. If your child is exhibiting behaviors that are of concern to you as a parent, play therapy may be highly beneficial. If your child is showing signs of anger, anxiety or a change in behavior, play therapy can make a difference. I treat a wide range of issues in a child friendly and non-invasive yet effective manner. Parents generally see results and progress from early on in the process. I have successfully treated children with ADHD, anxiety, Asperger’s, Bi-polar,Tourette’s, PDD, Trauma, Adjustment Disorder, Sensory Integration.

I treat children that don’t want to talk about it. I incorporate the use of play, drama, or art techniques into the work. All sessions are “client-centered” meaning that the child leads the way to finding resolution to his/her inner conflicts. This leads to the child gaining mastery of their world.

I am a Child Psychotherapist specializing in drama and play therapy with 24 years of clinical experience. Children are able to work through any issues or problems by projecting their thoughts into their play. Children can show marked improvement in their daily lives through the natural strength of play therapy.

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