We know how important our reputation is to you, and we are grateful to provide the following words from just a few of our clients and colleagues.

“You are the heart of our daughter’s healing.”

Mother of a 10-year-old daughter

“I may have seen this on your website, but I really did think this to myself today. You are a gifted child whisperer. I want you to know that a miraculous change happens when (my daughter) sees you. The difference is like night and day. I know you are a therapist, but you are (so) gifted and talented in this area and I am so thankful (my daughter) has you… you help her to free herself from her bonds and step into harmony and beauty. The peace she experiences is visible. Words will never capture the depth of my gratitude. ”

Mother of a 5-year-old daughter

“Our youngest daughter has been seeing Dr. Bouzoukis since last year and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Dr. Bouzoukis helped her to not only cope but become much happier and more well adjusted as the family came through this crisis.”

Mother of a 7-year-old daughter

“Dr. Bouzoukis has helped my child open up at my child’s pace, with tremendous patience and compassion, while feeling almost like a family friend to us. She is warm and supportive, and always extremely accessible and encouraging to the parents as well.”

Parent of a 7-year-old girl

“Within weeks of her first sessions with Dr. Bouzoukis, our daughter was more confident and relaxed than we had ever seen her. Physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety began to subtly, but steadily melt away. We just couldn’t be happier.”

Mother of 11 year old girl

It used to take my son 2 ½ hours to do his homework every night but since he has been seeing Dr. Bouzoukis it now only takes ½ an hour. I would also like to add that it is a very friendly atmosphere.”

Mother of 10 year old son

“Her ability to develop a trust and rapport enabled this individual to understand how to handle the challenges he faced very successfully. As a school counselor, I value the spirit of collegiality demonstrated by Dr. Bouzoukis.”

Elementary School Counselor

“Just two months after beginning sessions with Dr. Bouzoukis, (my son) changed. Today he is able to reason when he gets frustrated. Before he couldn’t express himself well. He’d hit or push others, and now he just tells them. I got my child back.”

Mother of 6 year old son

“I love her! She only just met my son and she knew all his issues. She works with him really well, and I’m just so happy I found her. He loves going.”

Mother of 8 year old son

“Since my son has been working with her, we’ve seen a great improvement in how he handles his anger, and she’s very accessible when you need her. She talks to you and answers all your questions.”

Mother of 9 year old son

“What I like most about the therapy is that my children are receiving all this therapeutic attention without feeling like they are in therapy. Dr Bouzoukis has done an excellent job of creating a positive environment where they can still be children. They can get their feelings out, they trust her, and they enjoy the time they spend there. She has been tremendous and my children love going and they get a whole lot out of it. It’s been nothing short of positive for us.”

Mother of daughters ages 4 and 6

“I have known Dr. Bouzoukis since the mid 1980’s when she was a child therapist for the Terry Children’s Psychiatric Center. Her therapy with those very disturbed children impressed me greatly. Her abilities to engage the children in interactive therapy were excellent. I admired her knowledge and people skills to such a great extent that I invited her to join my private practice.”

Dr. Thomas Kneavel
Clinical Psychologist

In providing stories and encouraging dramatic enactments [through drama/play therapy], Dr. Bouzoukis is a powerful and gentle guide.”

Dr. Robert Landy
Director of Drama Therapy Program N.Y.U.

“Games of make-believe are natural vehicles for a child’s imagination. But for youngsters with life-threatening and chronic illnesses, this type of play gives wings to self discovery and expression. Dr. Carol E. Bouzoukis has written Pediatric Dramatherapy, a book about these benefits.”

Delaware Today
Medical Guide

“Dr. Bouzoukis works with sick and terminally ill children as well as kids with behavioral issues or those who are dealing with divorce. She lets the children initiate the conversation, then follows their lead. Her office is a room full of toys, and as the child starts to play she guides him along.”

Wilmington News Journal
Wilmington News Journal

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