fabric toysHello!  I’m a Child Psychotherapist with a specialization in Drama and Play Therapy.  I work with children ages 3 – 14.  Therapy with children is quite different than therapy with adults.  Adults tend to engage in verbal or “talk” therapy, whereas children explore their issues and problems through play.  

The play therapy room is child friendly and filled with toys. The tools allow your child to project their inner most worries, concerns, or anxieties.  In this bright and cheerful play room the child will find:

  • Sand Trays
  • Puppets
  • Dress-ups
  • A toy store
  • A toy kitchen
  • Barbie dream house
  • Slime
  • Art supplies
  • Pirates and treasure chests
  • Pokémon cards and figures
  • Littlest Pet Shop figures
  • And so much more!

My therapy practice is child centered and non-interpretive, so that the child directs his/her own play and makes his/her own choices as to the direction of the play.  As the child interacts with the toys he/she projects their inner most thoughts and feelings into the play, working it through to find resolution.  As a result, the newly found resolve translates to the child’s own daily practices.

This type of resolve is illustrated by the following.  A child selects a doll house and puts the Mommy doll and Daddy doll together as a form of wish fulfillment during an actual divorce situation.  After several weeks in therapy the child’s scenario in the play finds the mommy and daddy doll completely separate in placement.  In this instance the play helps the child gain mastery of his/her world without having to verbalize it directly. The child develops more control over a previously uncontrollable situation.  As the therapy sessions ‘play’ out the parents begin to see a lessening of tantrums, in both frequency and intensity if this was a factor in starting therapy.  Nightmares or anxious behaviors will begin to lessen and eventually subside.  

The effectiveness of play therapy can sometimes seem like a marvel. In actuality the subconscious mind is given the opportunity to flourish while restoring balance and contentment.  The result is the resurfacing of a happy child.

Whatever the issue- play therapy is play that works.